Fraud, mis-management and disarray in the Funeral Policy Business

OCT 28, 2011Posted by Mandla Kubheba


Everyday thousands of rands are paid out to burial policy claims in south africa. A majority of these burial policies are managed by funeral undertakers and parlors most of which are not registsred with the fsb or a life assurance policy underwritter. Welcome the difficult and sometimes unscrupulous business of the underworld that is funeral undertaking in South Africa.
Like the Taxi industry and second-hand car dealerships, this business brings in millions of rands annually but at the same time looses a lot of this income because of poor management of the membership and finances which ultimately leads to a business that cuts corners and somestimes deceives its customers just to stay in business. As a direct result of this out-of-control situation, government bodies such as ASISA, FSB and the FAIS Ombud have stepped in to lay down regulations and guidelines with the hope of streamlining and keeping track of the going-ons in this business sector.
It has been a difficult journey for funeral parlors to adhere to new guidelines and regulations. Most of these businesses are great family businesses that have been serving thier communities for years and today they are struggling because no one has given them the tools to be lawfull, to be one of the good guys, to be intergrated into this new world of regulated and guided business.

Most funeral business companies have just taken to using the CORE Funeral Business Software, which costs as little as R250 a month and most of the companies that use it seem to be able to make thier customers happy, the tax-man happy, the fsb happy and even thier underwritter happy. So we went out to see what this CORE Funeral Business Software was all about.

The first thing that stikes you is how hassle-free this software is. We went to and clicked on download and then put in our details including our FSB registration number to register and 10 minutes later we had installed the software on our 5 computers. 2 minutes later we received a user manul via email and we were on our way. CORE gives you the ability to manage your policy membership and track down premium payments. You can print payment receipts and send receipts via sms or email.Thier services is not related to any underwritting company or administration company but it helps fascilitaes communication between any underwriter or administration so easily.

Because the information is digital, you can manage a secure claims process and avoid fraudulant claims. You can pick up claims that get rejected because a premium was not paid or because an ID Number is registered as deceased already. Using this we were able to see a list of where every single person in CORE was buried and as part of thier service, a burial notice is put up for free at a local online burial notification site.
The amazing thing is that most of the functions are automated like agent/broker commision statements, notifying you and calculating child ages as they turn 21, debiting the policy holder bank account on the expected day, sending you an sms of all cash processed in the office at end of day, managing your cars, your HR and payroll, managing your Complaints register for the FAIS Ombud and managing your weekend with details of each funeral even the selling and laybye of things such as tombstones, coffins and wreaths.
We spoke to an underwritter who already intergrates with this software and they say that getting statistics, claims information and updates from the undertaker using CORE has never been more simple.

This Young Team have just recently Launched thier Mobile App which allows you to Manage your funeral policy membership and parlour payments and reports all from your smart phone or tablet and it is ALL FREE.

The team at CORE are friendly, eager to please and for me they seem to understand the funeral business from a clearer vantage point. 5 days after i downloaded and installed CORE, a representative came to our offices to introduce themselves and gave us a day's training on the software including setting up our schemes as per our underwriter. We recommend you goto and get your CORE, because for R250 a month we are sure there is no other software out there that can help your business as much as CORE will. It's free for 30 days so you have nothing to lose.

Our team gives the CORE Funeral Policy Software a 9 out of 10 score. If only this amazing software could make my child wash the dishes, then we would give it a ten out of ten for total satisfaction and value for money.